Why choose Claessens Personenvervoer?

  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Team with a professional attitude
  • Quality is our highest priority
  • Service oriented
  • State of the art fleet

Our advantages:

  • Great price-quality ratio
  • We contribute ideas to our customers

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Airport transport

Your vacation or business trip begins with Claessens Personenvervoer. Our drivers take you to the desired airport, quickly and safely. You can leave your car at home, saving you expensive parking costs. On your return, our drivers will be awaiting you at the meeting point with a name sign or logo of your company.

For the customary airports; Schiphol, Eindhoven, Dusseldorf, Weeze, Zaventem, Charleroi and Koln, we use very competitive rates. Calculate and make reservations for your trip online, here.

Wheelchair transport

Wheelchair transport Wheelchair transport Wheelchair transport

In addition to our luxury vehicles, Claessens Personenvervoer also has wheelchair vans. All these vehicles are equipped with an electric lift and modern fastening system. These vehicles meet the VVR code. All our drivers are individually trained by an internal trainer to properly and safely transport wheelchair bound customers. For instance: correctly fastening the wheelchair, but also adjusted driving behaviour and helpfulness.

Our wheelchair vans can transport up to 4 wheelchair simultaneously, due to which group transport for this group is no problem at all.

Group transport

Group transport Group transport Group transport

Whether it concerns 8 people or more, Claessens Personenvervoer is at your service for group transport. For instance: company events, birthday parties or day trips. We have various 8-seater vans that can easily be prepared for wheelchair transport, allowing this group to use our services as well.

For an obligation free quote, please contact

School transport

School transport School transport

Every day, we provide the transportation for children from and to their school in the region Central and South Limburg. This concerns students who are unable to travel the distance on their own, or students who attend a school for special education. From home to school and back, safe and on time. All our cars are now equipped with data systems due to which we can monitor real time what time every student is being picked up.

Business Transport

In the field of business transport, Claessens Personenvervoer has gained the necessary experience. Airport transport, commuting, we are your one-stop-shop for all business transport. At Claessens Personenvervoer you are assured punctuality and discretion.

For business transport, we use professional drivers, vehicles, type Mercedes Benz E class and various luxury 8-seater vans. These cars are black, with leather upholstering and do not have any taxi characteristics.

As a regular business customer, you will be assigned a personal online booking page, where you can make all arrangements regarding your transport. For more information please contact our business transport department.

Patient transport

Patient transport

Claessens Personenvervoer has contractual agreements with several healthcare insurance companies. Due to this, the customer does not have to worry about the financial handling of the ride. Customers who have an insurance at CZ, Achmea, FBTO, Zilveren Kruis, Interpolis, Agis, Avero Achmea, ONVZ, Delta Lloyd or Menzis can contact+31 (0) 46-4007777 for more information.

We know like no other that it is extremely important to arrive at your appointment on time. We aim to guarantee the timeliness of the transport.